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Matured constructions

For permanent application

The Scholze loom beams result from the connection of tubes, flanges and locks, which can be recommended as well-thought out designs for permanent application. Exclusively precision steel tubes are used, the surfaces of which we treat according to requirements. The tried and tested spray zinc aluminium process is usually the preferred method, which combines the advantage of corrosion protection with the effect of yarn entrainment without buttonholes or adhesive tapes.

Well thought-out and matured

Utilising the advantages of maximum precision
Tailored solutions

Scholze Germany provides a gapless, complementary range of flanges for customers all over the world. We offer ribbed flanges, small full flanges and universal-use double-walled flanges in accordance with the double T design principle with up to 2.5 times the load capacity as conventional ribbed flanges. Magnum beams with flange diameters of up to 1600 mm ensure extra-long machine running times. All version can be supplied with or without a driving toothed wheel. The efficient quality by Scholze Germany has been valued highly for many years now on the national and international markets. We convince weaving machine manufacturers at home and abroad with accurately tailored solutions.

  • Surfaces suitable for fibres on the flange interior
  • Perfect edge formation
  • Warp beam flange diameters from 600 to 1600 mm

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