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With precise alignment

Technical innovation for modern weaving services

Decisive for the high user benefits of the Scholze back beams is the precisely-aligned flange and tube unit. As tube surfaces, the insulation felt, zinc spraying and smoothing, electrolytic galvanisation or phosphating is used in order to guarantee consistent back beam quality.


The most advantageous support of the back beam is a conical gear tooth system. Stud or steep taper holders are also possible.

Tried and tested quality

Strong rollers for the weaving industry
A question of speed

In the case of back beam flanges, ribbed, single-wall and double-walled designs are possible depending on the requirements. For back beam speeds around 1 600 m/min, ribbed or single-wall flanges are appropriate. The Scholze Germany double-walled flanges are particularly advantageous in case of high back beam speeds. An individual consultation from our specialist employees can support you during selection.

  • Smooth high-speed flanges prevent contamination of the threads
  • All Scholze back beams are dynamically balanced in accordance with G 6.3

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